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Pulpitis treatment

At the dental clinic Renaissance Dental, highly qualified doctors treat pulpitis and periodontitis carefully and painlessly.

What is pulpitis

Tooth pulpitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the neurovascular bundle in the tooth. In most cases, pulpitis occurs due to deep tooth decay. First, the bacteria destroy the outer hard tissues of the tooth, then the soft ones. If acute pain begins, it means that the infection has reached the pulp, in which the vessels and nerves are located. But there are other reasons (tooth injury, poor medical intervention, etc.).

Do not suffer pain, come to our clinic Renaissance Dental. Experienced and attentive therapists will conduct a qualitative diagnosis of a diseased tooth and cure it using modern techniques and materials.

The task of treatment is to treat all root canals in the tooth (in one tooth there can be up to 4 channels), their expansion, disinfection, and tight filling. Mandatory stage of treatment is x-ray control throughout the whole treatment. The doctor studies the initial situation in detail controls how the treatment is carried out and evaluates the result of work necessarily. Root canal treatment is a time-consuming process, the treatment is often performed in 2 stages, so sometimes it will be necessary to visit the dentist more than once.

At Renaissance Dental we practice two main methods of pulpitis treatment: therapeutic and surgical

The first one involves complete or partial preservation of the living "nerve", the second - complete removal of the pulp. 

The choice depends on the stage of the disease. The preservation of a living pulp is preferable, but, unfortunately, most patients come to us already when the only possible remaining option is the removal of the "nerve".

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