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Dental hygiene

Prevention of tooth decay and oral cavity diseases is the first thing we pay attention of our patients to at Renaissance Dental. We consider professional oral hygiene to be the most important dental procedure and advocate regular visits to a dental hygienist for the prevention and maintenance of dental health and early diagnosis of diseases.

The task of the hygienist is not to treat, but to prevent the disease.

During the procedure, our doctor first talks with you, finds out individualities and complaints, examines the teeth and oral cavity carefully, and only then conducts a controlled teeth cleaning, in the way recommended in your particular case.

The surface of our teeth is only 25% of the oral cavity, the remaining 75% are interdental spaces, gingival membrane and the tongue's surface. No matter how thoroughly and carefully you brush your teeth, bacteria left after brushing your teeth build colonies in the oral cavity and form plaque. If you turn a blind eye to proper dental care, soft tartar deposits will turn into hard tartar gradually, which causes such problems as:

  • Bad breath
  • Gum inflammation - characterized first by swelling and redness of the gums, bleeding, soreness during tooth brushing
  • Tooth decay
  • Deterioration of the course of concomitant chronic diseases -
    cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, etc. This happens due to the absorption of toxins secreted by microbial plaque into the blood.

The procedure of professional hygiene means removing dental plaque and tartar that accumulates on the teeth, in the interdental spaces and gingival pockets, due to many factors.

In addition to professional oral hygiene, you will receive recommendations for home care, analysis of individualities and training in teeth hygiene.

We recommend to visit the hygienist once in six months until the doctor states the improvement of hygiene and advises to attend hygiene less often.

With regular visits to our sensitive hygienist, you will quickly see the effect of the procedure - the gums stop bleeding, bad smell disappears, tartar accumulates not as actively as before, and the color of the teeth looks brighter and whiter.

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