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Renaissance Dental
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Welcome to
Renaissance Dental

We provide a full range of services: from x-ray diagnostics and treatment of tooth decay to the most complicated dental operations.

Doctors of the clinic use the most effective and safe medications together with the most sparing methods of treatment, thereby reducing the risk of complications, the duration of rehabilitation, and achieving long-term results.

Visit us if you need help of a qualified dentist in a pleasant environment.

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Patients with acute problems are our priority. You may have a toothache, a suspected gum infection, or a broken filling. Do not suffer pain! If you delay a visit to the dentist, the disease will develop, and it will become harder to cure. Call us or book an appointment online. We will help you as soon as possible.

Regular examinations with the dentist are an important part of maintaining a stable state of health in general. We advise our patients to attend basic examinations 2 times a year, and also to undergo professional oral hygiene regularly. The sooner we notice a problem, the easier and faster it will be able to be fixed.

We are confident in each of our specialists, and in the quality of the services they deliver. Therefore, we provide long-term warranty for our procedures as a pledge of your confidence. Tooth decay treatment (filling and restorations): 6 months years warranty Crowns and implants = 3 years warranty

The most effective anesthesia and safe sedation, which has neither negative consequences, nor rehabilitation terms, are at your service. Calmness and comfort of our patients is one of our main principles of work.

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