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Removable dental prostheses

Their main peculiarity is that such prostheses need to be removed for cleaning, unlike fixed ones, which are cleaned directly in the mouth like ordinary teeth. Fixed dentures have almost no contraindications, they can be easily installed at any age, even in the absence of teeth.

Removable dental prostheses are used in cases of:

  • If you are allergic to metals, when one or more teeth are missing, and a fixed prosthesis is contraindicated.
  • Complete absence of teeth in the dental arch, there is nothing to fix the bridge on.
  • If there are contraindications to implantation, and it is impossible to fix the prosthesis on the implants - diabetes, severe inflammation of the gums, heart disease, chronic diseases, old age.
  • If there is a need to put a temporary prosthesis before manufacturing and installing a permanent one so that the adjacent teeth do not shift.
  • In childhood, when the jaw is still growing, but the absence of one tooth can lead to malocclusion.

Removable dental prostheses are different, the final choice will depend on the purpose of the construction.

Partial removable dental prostheses

These prostheses are installed when there are still a few healthy teeth left in the jaw — they will act as a support for the prosthesis. If there is no allergy to metals, they are attached to the supporting teeth with the help of special brackets. Such prostheses have a very good fixation and are almost completely invisible.

Another option are nylon or acrylic constructions, where attachments are made of the same material as the entire prosthesis.

Full removable dental prostheses

Such prostheses are installed in the complete absence of teeth on one or both jaws. They are made of acrylic and look natural.

The method of fixation depends on the indications or on the patient's desire:

  • Due to the effect of suction of the prosthesis to the jaw. In this case, the fixation of the prosthesis is not ideal, but does not require the installation of additional implants, and has no contraindications.
  • On implants. (as an example, all-on-four technology) - Implants, on which the prosthesis is installed, are implanted into the jaw.

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