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Intraoral scanner

Equipment for intraoral scanning. With the help of an intraoral scanner, it is immediately possible to scan the patient's teeth directly and receive a digital 3D model of teeth and soft tissues online at once. That is, instead of making classic dental cast models, teeth are scanned.


Convenience and comfort for the patient. There is a number of patients who do not tolerate conventional impression compounds. A pharyngeal reflex occurs in them, for example, it is often found in children.

Accuracy. Intraoral scanning allows to achieve higher accuracy than traditional dental cast models. This is very important for orthopedics, in the production of crowns, it is also important in the production of clear aligners. As a clear aligner works due to a very good fitting of the teeth. And if a pattern is not accurate enough, it means that in some places the aligner will not fit teeth enough, will not press as it should, and, accordingly, a part of teeth movement may not happen because of this.

Speed. It accelerates communication between the dentist and the dental technician who constructs crowns, dentures, or aligners. Now, instead of making a dental cast model manually, and then send the cast model to the technician, one can simply scan the oral cavity and send a digital image to the laboratory immediately. Simple, fast, and reliable.

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