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Dental surgery

           Methods of modern surgical dentistry allow to preserve the integrity of the teeth and extend their life in cases where traditional therapeutic treatment is no longer effective. Today, surgical dentistry at Renaissance Dental is more focused on ways and measures of restoring and preserving the tooth, not just on its removal. The purpose of such treatment is to stop the development of the inflammatory process, remove suppurative focuses, and even restore the aesthetics of the smile.

But if it is impossible to save the tooth, then we carry out a quick, safe, and painless removal.

Dental surgery involves operations that are performed in the oral cavity and on the jaw. At Renaissance Dental we provide a full range of surgical services:

  • Tooth-preserving operations
  • Plastic surgery of soft tissues (gums)
  • Removal of one or more teeth
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Different types of periodontal surgeries.
  • Preparation for dental implantation: Sinus lifting;
  • Preparation for dental implantation: Bone grafting.
  • Implantation

          Our dental offices are equipped with the best modern equipment, and doctors use only reliable methods of treatment in their work, this allows to perform sparing operations, after which the absence of complications is guaranteed, and the recovery period takes minimal time.

          All operations and manipulations are carried out under effective local anesthesia, which makes any treatment absolutely painless. However, if you are still worried, then our dentist can use sedation that does not have negative side effects and rehabilitation time. When it is used, all vital reflexes and functions of the body are preserved, as well as the ability of a person to respond to the requests of a doctor. The patient enters this state easily and comes out of it quickly.

          You can specify the list of procedures and their prices at the appointment or in the price list of the clinic.

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