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Tooth-preserving operations | Renaissance Dental

Tooth-preserving operations

           Dental surgery at Renaissance Dental is focused primarily on the preservation of teeth. Until recently, many diseases led to tooth loss inevitably. However, now, thanks to modern equipment and the latest methods of work, our surgeons are able to eliminate the infectious focus without violating the integrity of dental arches.

           Operations of this kind include:

  • removal of tumors (cysts, etc.);
  • root apex resection (surgical method of removing the infectious focus and inflammation together with part of the upper lobe of the tooth root, thus it becomes possible to preserve the functionality of the tooth);
  • amputation of the tooth root;
  • operations for periodontal diseases.

          All operations are performed under effective local anesthesia. At the request of the patient, we can use sedation, which has no negative side effects and does not require rehabilitation.

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