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Clear aligners

Did you know that malocclusion causes not only aesthetic discomfort but also has a negative impact on health in general? Malocclusion can cause diseases of oral cavity, snoring, chewing muscle hypertonia, intestinal issues, and even locomotor system problems. When teeth are uneven, they create an additional load on the temporomandibular joint, and because of this headache often appears.

We care about the health of the teeth and the beauty of the smile, and we choose the most effective procedures for our patients. That is why the specialists of Renaissance Dental clinic recommend to their patients an ultra-modern solution for occlusion correction - Innovative K-Clear occlusal splints.

Main advantages of K-Clear aligners

  • Aesthetics. K-Clear aligners are almost invisible on the teeth, visible only when viewed at a close distance.
  • Easy to care for. Transparent removable constructions can simply be rinsed in warm water and cleaned with a toothbrush from the inside.
  • Predictability. We know right away what the patient will see after the treatment, as the result is modeled at the manufacturing stage.
  • The final cost of aligners does not exceed the average cost of dental braces in Stockholm.
  • Quality. All K Clear splints are produced in a laboratory in Germany.

Stages of treatment:

At the first appointment, the doctor performs a complete oral examination so that to exclude contraindications. He prescribes medically indicated treatment of affected teeth and gums, wisdom teeth removal, and only after that, we begin to manufacture aligners.

If no contraindications are found according to the results of the examination, our specialist takes photos, orthopantomogram, and cast models in order to send them to the K-LINE company.

Experienced orthodontists plan treatment, build 3D models of the future result, fabricate a set of splints in a laboratory in Germany, and send them to our clinic.

We receive occlusal splints and make the correction where required. The patient receives individually created occlusal splints.

Periodically, you will need to attend routine examinations so that to control the progress of treatment.

Special aspects:

  • In order to see the result, you will need to wear occlusal splints at least 18-22 hours a day, removing them only during meals and tooth brushing.
  • The duration of treatment depends on the complexity of the situation, most often a period from 8 months to 2 years is needed.
  • Occlusal splints will need to be changed at intervals from 2 weeks to 3 months.
  • The entire course of treatment may require from 5 to 30 sets. (all included within one price)
  • The first changes will be noticeable after 2-3 months of regular wearing.


  • the presence of dental calculus and tooth decay;
  • exacerbation of periodontal disease;
  • jaw abnormalities;
  • severe neurological diseases;
  • severe course of somatic diseases;
  • the presence of a non-erupted tooth;
  • Severe destruction of bone tissue.

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