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Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is an extreme option. Dentists of Renaissance Dental clinic use this method only when other treatment options are not possible.

When removing a tooth, our dentists always use the safest and most effective anesthetic drugs and can use additional sedation at the request of the patient.

During surgery, the surgeon tries not to damage the surrounding tissue so that to speed healing, facilitate rehabilitation, and reduce the risk of complications.

Contraindications to teeth extraction: (in this case, we direct our clients to a specialized clinic at the hospital)

  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of the kidneys, pancreas, and liver;
  • the disease of the CNS;
  • the acute phase of infectious processes, including those in the oral cavity;
  • psychoneurological diseases in acute form.

In addition, removal is not recommended for women during menstruation, as well as for patients with alcohol and drug addiction. Permanent tooth extraction is strictly contraindicated with oncology, radiation sickness, acute dental pathologies, bacterial and infectious diseases, and allergies to medicines.
How much does tooth extraction cost?

Due to the fact that each case is unique, the cost of the procedure may vary. The final price of the procedure is influenced by:

  • The condition of the tooth to be removed.
  • Its location and number of roots.
  • Removal method (simple/complex)
  • The presence or absence of the need for an x-ray.

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