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Implantation methods

There are several different methods of implantation, a specialist of Renaissance Dental clinic chooses one or another method depending on the individualities and preferences of the patient.

  • One-stage. 

It involves the installation of an implant and a temporary dental crown in one day. The permanent prosthesis is fixed only after complete implant survival, which lasts for 3-6 months. Most often, this method is used for prosthetics of the front teeth, if the patient has no contraindications.

  • Two-stage. 

The most reliable and universal method, although it requires a lot of time for rehabilitation.

At the first stage, the doctor cuts the gum, makes a hole in the bone, installs the titanium root, closes it with a plug, and sutures. The implant survives about 2-4 months on the lower jaw, and 3-6 on the upper one. After stabilization of the implant, the second stage is underway: the dental surgeon performs an incision of the gum again and changes the plug to the healing abutment, and two weeks later installs the abutment on which the crown will be attached. After that, the doctor makes dental casts according to which the prosthesis, the crown is made

This technique is most often used in the area of chewing teeth.

  • Immediate. 

The implant is inserted immediately after tooth extraction, into the same socket. This is the least traumatic and the easiest method, the doctor does not have to dissect the gum and make an artificial hole in the bone. Unfortunately, ideal conditions for such a procedure occur rarely. It is used only in the absence of an inflammatory process at the acute stage in the tissues around the dental socket.

  • All-on-four

It is used with the complete absence of teeth on the upper and/or lower jaws, as well as with severe bone tissue atrophy. The orthopedic construction is installed on the support of 4 implants ("all on four"). After the implants are installed, a temporary (non-removable) prosthesis is installed to the patient, which is replaced by a permanent non-removable construction a few months later. This technology significantly reduces the duration of treatment in case if the restoration of the entire dental arch is required.

Specialists of our dental clinic provide the most comfortable level of treatment, using only highly effective types of anesthesia in their work and carrying out all operations in the pleasant, convenient environment created specially for your tranquility and coziness. But if you are still worried, you can ask your doctor to give you a mild sedative that has no negative side effects and no rehabilitation time.

Renaissance Dental clinic provides the highest level of medical services. We use high-tech equipment and consumables only from the best manufacturers. The clinic is a partner of MIS Implants (Israel) - the world leader in the production of implants.

Specialists of the clinic conduct training courses for dentists on the Implantation topic, which indicates a high level of clinical skill and qualification of our specialists.

How much does dental implantation cost

You can get acquainted with the prices for implantation in the price section, but the exact cost of implantation will be known only after an in-person visit to the doctor, diagnosis of the oral cavity, and drawing up a treatment plan.

Do not delay a visit to the dentist, the faster you start the restoration of the lost tooth, the easier and cheaper the whole procedure will cost for you. Atrophy (thinning) of bone tissue begins within a month after the loss of a living tooth and reaches its peak in about a year. And one of the prerequisites for implantation is a sufficient amount of bone tissue.

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