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The deepest complication of tooth decay is periodontitis. If you feel an aching pain in a particular tooth, and when biting it increases, the tooth decay is most likely to have reached the periodontal tissues.

Periodontitis is the inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth root. It can be acute and chronic. The acute form of periodontitis is characterized by severe pain, swelling of tissues, headaches. Chronic periodontitis can be asymptomatic, which leads to delayed treatment and the development of complications.

It should be remembered that periodontitis is one of the most common causes of tooth extraction.

The main reasons for the development: neglected tooth decay, penetration of infection behind the root of the tooth during pulpitis, poor-quality treatment of pulpitis, and traumatic damage of the tooth.

The main task in the treatment of periodontitis is to eliminate inflammation in the root canal of the tooth and behind the top of the root. Like in the treatment of pulpitis, we use a therapeutic and surgical method for the treatment of periodontitis.

Renaissance Dental clinic provides classic endodontic treatment in several stages:

  • Mechanical (instrumental) preparation of the root canal. Only the creation of the correct form of the root canal ensures recovery.
  • Drug treatment of the canal (washing) with antiseptics and special liquids that remove the infection in the tooth root.
  • Sealing of all spaces, tubules, lacunae, and crevices taking place in the complex structure of the tooth canal.

These three points may require multiple visits.  It depends on the complexity of the case, the special aspects of the patient's immune system, and the technique chosen by your attending doctor.

Six months later, it is determined whether the focus of inflammation has decreased with the help of a radiograph.

Prevention of pulpitis and periodontitis

Since pulpitis and periodontitis are most often a complication of tooth decay, we consider routine inspections at the dentist, timely detection and treatment of tooth decay to be the most effective prevention. It is important to monitor oral hygiene carefully, use dental floss or irrigator necessarily in order to clean the interdental spaces from food residues. This will help to prevent the development of tooth decay, and accordingly, the probability of inflammation of the pulp.

Dentists of Renaissance Dental clinic master all modern technologies of pulpitis and periodontitis treatment perfectly, and do everything possible to avoid complications and relapses when performing medical manipulations of any complexity.

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