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Gum recession

Gum recession is the exposure of the tooth root. Lowering, raising, or uneven distribution of gum along the dental arch.

In addition to the aesthetic problem, it is manifested by increased sensitivity of teeth and tooth decay. If the treatment is not carried out in good time, the patient will face not only aesthetic problems but more serious consequences as well: it can lead to tooth loss.

At the Renaissance Dental clinic in Solna district, we combine well-tried modern methods of dental treatment and use the most advanced equipment, which guarantees high efficiency of treatment of gum recession.

In our work we use method of treatment:

  • The traditional method (gingivoplasty): it means the removal or formation (soft tissue transplantation) of gingival tissues.

Renaissance Dental Solna clinic employs only qualified and experienced specialists who will offer you an optimal and effective solution to the problem, with a guarantee of the highest result.

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