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Fixed prosthodontics


The crown is mounted on the milled tooth, like a cap. It is used if more than 50% of the tooth is destroyed, and the root canals of the tooth have been treated successfully. An implant can be the support for the crown as well. The service lifetime will depend on the chosen material of the crown itself, the quality of hygiene and compliance with all the requirements of your dentist.


This orthopedic construction serves as a bridge between adjacent teeth.  Suitable for both chewing area and smile area. With the help of the bridge it is possible to restore corrupted or completely lost teeth (from 2 and more teeth in a row).

The construction of several crowns connected to each other is installed on the patient's healthy teeth or implants. However, in order to install the bridge with the support on the patient's own teeth, the teeth will first need to be milled (in some cases, additional depulpation is necessary). For long service lifetime special hygiene of the oral cavity requires after installation.

Ceramic inlays

The appearance of the teeth is restored with the help of special inlays, most often when 30-40% of the tooth is destroyed. The anatomically correct chewing surface of the tooth is being recreated. A ceramic inlay is more endurable than filling material, it does not abrase in the course of time and does not darken.


Veneers are thin ceramic plates. Veneers can correct small curvatures of the front teeth, chippings, and enamel discoloration. For veneers installation, teeth are milled from 0.3 to 1 mm. This is necessary for a tight fit of the plate to the tooth tissues. Thus, the tooth is protected by the plate, eliminating the ingress of even the smallest particles of food in the gap between the tooth and the veneer.

Veneers installed at Renaissance Dental will not break over the years and will not change color, and with good hygiene will serve for many years.

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