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Therapeutic dentistry

The majority of patients with diseases of teeth and gums address first of all to dental therapists.

Modern methods of therapeutic dentistry, which serve as a guide for all our specialists, allow to identify pathologies at the earliest stages, and preserve teeth even in difficult cases.

Pain during treatment is also a thing of the past: in our work, we use the latest safe anesthetics, which allows us to provide comfortable and painless dental treatment regardless of the complexity of the case. Also, for patients with dentophobia, treatment under sedation is possible.

Therapeutic treatment includes even restoration of teeth at the stage when there is no need to install crowns, bridges, or implants.

Dentists of the Renaissance Dental clinic in the Solna district provide all types of therapeutic dental care:

Remember, it is the elimination of the problem at an early stage that prevents the development of many serious diseases and excludes complications.

Looking for a dentist in Stockholm?  Making an appointment with our specialist at Renaissance Dental, you get a comprehensive range of services including diagnosis, prophylaxis, prevention, and treatment of various diseases and problems associated with the oral cavity. High professionalism of our dentists, as well as the use of modern equipment, allow us to solve many dental issues without problems, quickly, affordably and without discomfort for patients.

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