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Tooth decay treatment

Tooth decay treatment in Stockholm

In its initial stage, tooth decay proceeds completely painless. It is manifested in the form of white/yellow/brown spots on the surface of the teeth, as well as bad breath, and reactions to cold and hot food.

Without timely treatment, tooth decay can lead to complete destruction and loss of the tooth. In addition, this disease is dangerous for the whole body. Carious teeth are a source of hidden infection, which can lead to serious diseases, for example, kidney and heart diseases, to the development of gastritis, peptic ulcer disease. Infection from the carious cavity can spread to the jaw, paranasal sinuses, and even to the brain.

At Renaissance Dental we use only modern methods of treatment of tooth decay, which provide complete removal of affected tissues and reliable filling of cavities.

If the tooth lesion is deep, we perform an x-ray or computed tomography, and only after that determine the method of solving this problem.

We anesthetize the necessary area, selecting an anesthetic with due consideration of your individual indications.

We remove the affected tissues, using water cooling during preparation, this protects the tooth tissue and pulp from overheating during operation of the dental drill.

We install the stopping using high-quality filling materials of high durability and abrasion resistance.

All work is carried out only with the isolation of the working field by the dental dam, which makes the cross-infection of the tooth cavity with saliva impossible. Our doctors know how important it is to carry out this stage in complete isolation from saliva because even the slightest penetration of it guarantees the weakening of the connection of the stopping with the tooth and guarantees the re-occurrence of tooth decay.

If the tooth is destroyed badly, then we install a dental inlay or crown instead of stopping.

After dental treatment, if you want the result to be long-lasting, it is very important to reconsider your attitude to oral hygiene and start care for your teeth conscientiously and efficiently. The best prevention is professional oral hygiene 2 times a year, and comprehensive home hygiene including the use of dental floss, irrigator, and mouthwash.

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