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Renaissance Dental clinic offers dental prosthetics with the use of the highest quality materials and modern treatment protocols, which allows you to achieve perfection in each individual case.

With the installation of a dental prosthesis, one can eliminate a variety of defects in a short time - to restore the shape of the tooth, improve the appearance, restore the structure and function of the chewing apparatus, or even replace lost teeth completely.

What materials are dental prostheses made of?

While choosing the material to make a prosthesis, our dentists take into account the individual indications, desires, and capabilities of the patient.

  • Porcelain fused metal (we almost do not use them)

+ durable, look natural enough, affordable price.

- Sometimes become noticeable (if the level of the gum changes), and with the natural erasure of the ceramic layer, the metal base may appear through it. May cause allergies.

The average period of use is 10-12 years. Can be even longer with proper care;

  • Ceramic 

+ Natural looking, hypoallergic.

- Chippings and cracks may appear in case of mechanical damage caused by trauma, bruxism, or malocclusion. Your tooth needs milling.

The average service lifetime is about 10 years.

  • Zirconium

+ The most resistant and durable material. They allow sunlight to pass through, thanks to which they perfectly imitate natural teeth and look as natural as possible. Zirconium crown is capable to reduce the temperature sensitivity of the teeth. It has antibacterial properties.

- The price is higher compared to other options

Types of prosthetics

What type of prosthetics will be proper exactly for you can be determined only by the attending doctor, after conducting an examination and assessing the condition of the tooth roots.

Provided that the roots of the tooth are healthy, and there are no other contraindications, we will talk about restoration. (crown, bridge, veneers, etc.)

If the root of the tooth is damaged irreversibly, then the doctor will most likely advise you to use an orthopedic construction or think about the implantation procedure.

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