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OPG - OrthoPantomoGram


OPG (OrthoPantomoGram) - is an x-ray photo showing a panoramic image of teeth, bone structure of upper and lower jaws, sinuses and jaw joints.

OPG is used for searching:


Dislocation of the jaw

Detection of infections and inflammations

Eruption of the teeth

Surgical planning.

Advantages of OPG

Painless, fast, easy, and very accurate

After OPG is accomplished, there is no radiation left in your body

Pay attention: 

You may be asked to remove any metal objects.

Pregnancy. Dental radiography is not recommended during the first three months of pregnancy. It is better to wait until the 20th week. But if you still need a photo, the doctor will put on you a special apron that will prevent the penetration of x-rays into the fetus.

Breastfeeding. X-ray does not accumulate in the medium, it passes through objects. So, for anyone who is concerned and wondering if a nursing mother can get a dental x-ray, the answer is: "definitely yes, you can!"

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